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Medicare SELECT - What are your options for 2016?

If you have an Anthem SELECT Medigap Insurance policy then please read this communication carefully. To check if you have a SELECT policy, look at your Anthem Medigap insurance card. If “SELECT” is printed on your card, you ARE affected. The following information applies ONLY to Medigap SELECT policies.

St. Elizabeth’s current agreement with Anthem for the SELECT Medigap insurance plan will end as of December 31, 2015. Beginning in 2016 St. Elizabeth will no longer be a network hospital for non-emergency inpatient admissions with this plan. This contract change only affects who is responsible for/pays the Part A deductible for non-emergency inpatient admissions to St. Elizabeth (or any non-network hospital). The cost of the Part A deductible will be the responsibility of the patient /policy holder. All other medical services will be covered as usual.

If you have an Anthem Medigap SELECT plan, you have three options.

Please click here for a printable explanation of your three options.

PrimeWise Update                                           Membership and Benefits 
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Linking Adults 50 + to Health and Wellness!

If you’re age 50 or older, you may have noticed that too many programs for “older adults” are designed to take care of you, instead of helping you to take care of yourself. They just don’t seem to do much for active, energetic people who like to make the most of every minute. PrimeWise is different.

PrimeWise isn’t a club. There are no “meetings” to attend. Just lots of benefits and services for you to chose from.PrimeWise is a network of valuable services designed by St. Elizabeth Healthcare specifically for people over 50. It’s not an insurance plan. There are no premiums. And it doesn’t cost you a penny to join.

Joining PrimeWise can save you time and unnecessary hassles. We offer access to information and programs as well as special discounts to help keep you healthy and going strong.

Click here for Step-by-Step instructions for using the Medicare Online Drug Plan Finder Tool to compare Medicare Prescription Drug Plans.

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