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Living Will
*Please note that Living Wills must be filled out in the presence of a notary. There are exceptions to who is able to notarize this document. Any St. Elizabeth Hospice Social Worker will provide this service free of charge.*

By law, hospitals and health care institutions are required to ask patients when they are admitted if they have a living will. As a patient, you will be asked if you have a living will each time you are admitted to the hospital. If you have one, you will need to provide a copy each time you are admitted. Because of the sensitive nature of living wills, St. Elizabeth Healthcare will not accept copies of your living will before you are admitted.

What is a living will?
A living will is a document that states, in writing, your choices about medical care and/or names someone to make medical choices for you if you become unable to make decisions regarding medical care for yourself. It is called a "living will" or an “advance directive” because it is signed in advance to let your family and doctor know your wishes about medical treatment. Through a living will, you can make legally valid decisions about your future medical care. Kentucky law recognizes several types of living wills. They include advance directives, health care surrogate designations, durable powers of attorney for healthcare and living will directives.

For additional information on Living Wills and to download the forms, click here.

Writing an Obituary
When you lose a loved one, there are so many things going on and so many things on your mind that it is sometimes difficult to keep track of everything that needs to get done. Depending on your loved one's final arrangements, the funeral home you choose may write the obituary for you. However, there may be situations where they don't (or where you would just prefer to write it yourself). For those situations, St. Elizabeth Hospice would like to help you by providing you with this resource. This website will give you tips and ideas on how to write an obituary.

Final Details Work Sheet
Use this worksheet for future planning to let your families know about important information such as social security number, location of will, power of attorney, health and life insurance provider, banking account, loans, etc. 

Support Groups
St. Elizabeth Hospice offers a full array of support services for families of our patients. Click here to learn more about the grief support groups offered through St. Elizabeth Hospice. 

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