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P.J. Everson - Cured of Cancer (via Facebook)

Diagnosed with Uterine Cancer by Dr Pavelka I needed Chemo or Radiation but my body was in such a weakened condition from other health problems (below) that I wouldn't live through the first treatment. I went into surgery without any treatments. On May 2, 2013 Dr. Pavelka told me that after 5 years with no Cancer coming back that I was considered CURED. I had not previously heard that about the "after 5 years CURED". Imagine my surprise and happiness once I realized what I had just heard. And, it took me a few minutes. I wasn't prepared for such wonderful news and don't feel like I properly thanked Dr. Pavelka nor have I celebrated in any way. I have spread the news to many people I have talked to and I have made and worn this Paracord Bracelet with the Pink Ribbon Charm and the message I ♥ Dr ♥ Pavelka

I had previously had several health problems including about 12 major surgeries, Staff/MRSA which did tons of damage to my body & fractured several bones including my neck which I have been told by 2 Neurologists, can at any time and will probably cause me to become a Quadriplegic. To date I have continued to be plagued by all of the health problems, Staff MRSA, neck problems, abdominal wound that won't close (9 years now), all of the problems BUT - that's right I said, "all of the problems BUT" - BUT CANCER! It is the one and only health problem that has been "CURED"! I owe it all to Dr Pavelka!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

© Kate Messer 2013. Photo used with permission.Martha B. - Breast Cancer Survivor

Martha B. had been diligent about annual breast exams since her early twenties. In the summer of 2004 she noticed a change in her breast that bothered her. Martha pursued it with her physician, who ordered a diagnostic mammogram. The findings were a mass. Dr. J Michael Guenther, (St. Elizabeth Physicians) met with her the following week, and he immediately suspected cancer. The results from the pathology showed the tumor was, in fact, cancerous.

Mary, one of the Nurse Navigators at St. Elizabeth Healthcare was at Martha’s bedside to hold her hand as she learned of her stage 2A breast cancer diagnosis.

After undergoing a second surgery, Martha also went 8 treatments of chemotherapy and 30 radiation treatments. Her last treatment was on September 6, 2005.

Martha wondered if she would return to HER “normal”. The treatments had taken their toll and she felt exhausted and weak. However, she was ready to take on the next challenge, and began attending St. Elizabeth Holistic Health’s Cancer Fitness Classes. Under the guidance of her instructor, Michelle, Martha has accomplished her goal of getting stronger and 8 years later. she is still attending these classes.

Because Martha has an identical twin sister, Amy, there was concern that this cancer would affect her as well. So, with the suggestion of Dr. Guenther, Martha met with Kristen, a Genetic Counselor, to evaluate their family history, which includes a grandmother who died from ovarian cancer. Thankfully, Amy does NOT carry the breast cancer gene, lowering her risk of a breast cancer diagnosis.

Martha is so thankful for the doctors, nurses and medical staff that have gone on this journey with her. She feels she could not have survived without them. She is also grateful for her faith, family and friends, who continue to be her support and lifeline.

Every couple of months, Linda Wiseman must spend three hours receiving infusion therapy at the Fort Thomas Cancer Care Center. The 36-year-old Dayton woman admits she absolutely hates hospitals, so her bi-monthly trips to St. Elizabeth Fort Thomas have always been a little unsettling. But when the new Cancer Care Center opened in February, things changed.

“I love this now – it doesn’t feel like a hospital with all the openness, compared to what it was,” she said.

“This has a more homey feel. It just feels better because you can see outside and everything, but it’s still very private. I like that.”
     ~ Linda Wiseman, Patient, St. Elizabeth Healthcare Cancer Care

In October 2002, Jan Marshall was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and decided to see Dr. Schellhas. “I had heard that he was the best and the care that I have received only confirmed what everyone was saying. All the staff at Cancer Care is the best. Having cancer is not just about the patient but it’s about the whole family, and the staff really makes sure that the whole family is taken care of.”

“In 2002 I had surgery but it was unsuccessful and I began chemo treatment. On my first day of chemo everything was going along status quo when all of the sudden I knew something was wrong and I waved over Debbie and all she had to do is take one look at me; she knew what was going on and she was able to talk me through the whole thing. At that point, she saved my life. Any of the nurses would have done the same thing. At the same time, my nurse Leslie was taking care of my mother. She talked her through what was going on with me and helped to keep her calm.”

“It didn’t matter what nurse you had, every nurse knew you. They knew you not only to the point of what treatment you were on but also down to what juice you liked to drink.”

“It truly is a blessing to be able to be around people who are so dedicated to their calling. For those nurses, it’s not just their job; it’s their calling from God.”

“God definitely blessed me with their presence. Nobody ever gave up hope on me and at that point you can’t give up hope on yourself.”
     ~ Jan Marshall, Patient, St. Elizabeth Healthcare Cancer Care

In the past 11 years, Michelle Caldwell has had her share of battles. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000, Michelle was subsequently tested for other genetic markers with the Genetic Counselors at St. Elizabeth and was found to be at risk for ovarian cancer. After consulting with Dr. Jack Basil, Michelle underwent a complete hysterectomy in 2004. Michelle has had other reoccurrences of cancer activity in 2005, 2009 and again in 2011.

Through Michelle’s entire experience, the dedicated staff of the St. Elizabeth Cancer Care Centers has been there for her. “If you have to go through this dark valley, they can really lift you up. They are like an extended family. They genuinely care about you and they make this rough road a lot easier.”

At the St. Elizabeth Cancer Care Centers, someone is always available to answer any questions a patient or family member might have no matter when they might need help. “I feel free to call them anytime I need their help. They really care at St. Elizabeth and that definitely shines through. They go the extra mile. They laugh with you, cry with you and they will do whatever it takes. In all of my time going there, I’ve never heard one negative thing about any of those nurses or front office staff.

It’s a journey and if you have to go through this, it’s wonderful to know that you have a staff like this to help you along the way. They truly are second to none.”
     ~ Michelle Caldwell, Patient, St. Elizabeth Healthcare Cancer Care

Mike Roedersheimer has been cancer free since 2003 but it’s been a long road to get to this point. He has had multiple surgeries to get him where he is today and he continues to receive treatment at St. Elizabeth Healthcare to ensure that it stays that way. There with him every step of the way has been his wife Amy.

Of all of the things Amy has had to keep up with and worry about, the staff at St. Elizabeth and the level of care that they provide to Mike has never been one. “From day one they make you feel welcome and they treat you like you’re family. We’ve never had a bad experience there. They take their time to listen and they always go out of their way to help you.”

“They know if I call, that something’s wrong with Mike. They know me and they know I can see a change in Mike on a daily basis. Because of that initial trust, they always take me serious and have been very reliable. I don’t ever hesitate if I have to call them because I know they’ll give me the help I need.”

“From day one, they’ve been there for us. They go out of their way with any questions you might have. Any time I need medicine called in, they always take care of it. You can count on them any time. They all know you by name and they even know when you’ve changed your hair color or when you’ve lost weight. They really welcome you into their family and they treat you like you’re gold.”
     ~ Mike Roedersheimer, Patient, St. Elizabeth Healthcare Cancer Care

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