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St. Elizabeth Business Health Wellness Solutions has been partnering with employers throughout the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region to provide results-oriented worksite wellness programs. Our services have been helping employers reduce their healthcare costs and motivating employees to live a healthier lifestyle.

Our purpose and mission is “Partnering for Employee Health and Productivity” and we are dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of your employees. 

As a local provider with over ten years of experience serving clients in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region, we understand the health and wellness needs of area businesses like yours. Our goal is to work with you to design comprehensive results-oriented worksite wellness and health promotion strategies that help your employees live healthier lives, improve productivity and morale and at the same time assisting you in managing your health care costs.

We will work with you to design and implement a customizable program that aligns with your company’s strategic goals and objectives. We bring years of experience in the wellness industry backed by the skill and expertise of St. Elizabeth Healthcare to ensure your organization’s success.   

Services offered
Our team of exercise physiologists, occupational health nurses, occupational medicine physicians, clinical nurse specialists, registered dieticians, physical therapists and mental health experts are dedicated to providing excellent service so that you get the wellness program that best fits the culture of your organization. 

Whether you are looking for a one-time health fair or educational seminar or for a comprehensive and integrated corporate wellness program, St. Elizabeth Business Health Wellness Solutions can provide you with the right mix of program development and management to make your program successful. 

Interactive Wellness Website
We have an interactive wellness website for employers who have contracted with us for a wellness program. The employees will have access to our interactive Health Library allowing them to search our medical encyclopedia, symptom navigator and drug interaction tool. They are able to use the site to access the online Health Risk Assessment and sign up for Health Coaching. Our Onsite Health Services is an easy way for employees to schedule an appointment for upcoming services offered at your location.

For current wellness clients click here to access the interactive wellness website.

Health Risk Assessment
Our HRA, using the Wellsource tool, is one of the most comprehensive HRA’s on the market today. If you are looking for a thorough and scientifically-based HRA that motivates individuals to make improvements in their health and lifestyle while at the same time providing detailed aggregate reports to help you see how to lower your organization's healthcare costs, then our HRA is the perfect tool.

The Individual Report includes:

  • Overall wellness score
  • Health age (versus chronological age)
  • Risk ratings for major health factors
  • Recommendations for health and lifestyle improvement
  • Web links to additional information
  • Next steps, which gives tips on how to make lifestyle changes

Click here to view a sample individual report.
Click here to view a sample HRA questionnaire. 

The Administrative Reports includes:

  • Executive Summary Report – Provides an aggregate report detailing overall wellness ratings, scores and priority health recommendations on an organizational level. 
    Click here to view a sample report.   
  • Productivity and Economic Benefits Report – Estimates a company’s potential cost savings in the areas of excess healthcare claims, absenteeism and productivity losses. 
    Click here to view a sample report.
  • Group Report – Provides blinded graphical representation for nearly every risk factor, allowing you to easily view the overall health of your population. 
    Click here to view a sample report.
  • Trend Report – Shows individual improvements in health, providing a detailed picture of the impact of your wellness efforts from one health assessment period to the next. 
    Click here to view a sample report. 

Health Coaching
St. Elizabeth Business Health Wellness Solutions has partnered with Hummingbird Coaching Services to provide our clients on-line and one-on-one health coaching. 

Utilizing the principles of behavior change and positive psychology, our health coaching program meets people “where they are” in their readiness to adapt to new lifestyle habits, whether they are simply beginners or highly-accomplished in setting and reaching their lifestyle goals.

Through live coaching sessions online or in person coupled with goal and activity tracking, participants and their personal health coach can work on such health and wellness topics as exercise, weight management, nutrition, stress management, and smoking cessation.

Health Screenings and Health Fairs
Business Health Wellness Solutions offers a full range of onsite health screenings to help increase an individual’s awareness of their health risks. Regular health screenings help with prevention and early detection of disease. This translates into significant cost savings for both employees and employers. Health screening can save lives! 

Smoking Cessation
Using the Cooper Clayton Smoking Cessation Method, our trained and certified facilitators assist employees with becoming non-smokers.  Designed by a 26-year heavy smoker and an internationally known expert on drug addiction over 25 years ago, this 13-week onsite Program is science based utilizing proven methods, which include education, skills training and social support.  It will guide participants along their journey towards freedom from cigarettes or other tobacco products.  At one year, 45% of those that used the Cooper Clayton Method and the nicotine replacement products remained non-smokers

The L.E.A.N. Program for Weight Loss
The L.E.A.N. Program (Lifestyle, Exercise and Nutrition) is a fun and interactive weight loss management program designed specifically for worksites.  The Program focuses on proper nutrition and exercise for weight control.  Using both group and individual education, activities and programs, schedule at times convenient for the work schedule, we help employees learn how to change their lifestyle so they can achieve a healthy weight and improve their overall health and well-being – for a lifetime!

Other Services
St. Elizabeth Business Health Wellness Solutions offers many other wellness services to meet your specific needs, such as educational presentations, executive physicals, travel immunizations, onsite seasonal flu shots and wellness imaging. 

For information regarding any of the above services contact Mary Lynn Brunemann, Business Health Sales and Marketing, at (859) 301-2574 or email at mary.brunemann@stelizabeth.com

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