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Drug Screening Procedures

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Once the employer is notified of a positive drug screen; the process will go as follows:

  1. Company will complete an EAP Supervisory Referral form and fax it to the Employee Assistance Program.  Information included should be job performance issues, drug screen results, etc.
  2. EAP will assess the client through both a SASSI and a face-to-face psychosocial interview.
  3. EAP will determine a level of treatment necessary for the employee.
  4. EAP will provide written correspondence with employer P.O.C. with EAP recommendations and a Return-to-Work agreement and Treatment agreement.
  5. EAP will connect the employee with the appropriate level of treatment and have releases signed for that provider allowing the EAP to monitor the employee’s compliance with treatment recommendations.
  6. EAP will determine the date for a return-to-work drug screen. The drug screen will be conducted by St. Elizabeth Business Health for a 5 or 10 panel-Non-DOT or DOT follow-up drug screen. Once the employee is connected with treatment and a clean drug screen is received, EAP will determine an eligible return-to-work date.
  7. EAP will provide written correspondence to the employer P.O.C., as to the eligible return-to-work date.
  8. EAP will monitor the employee's compliance with treatment and report any non-compliance to employer P.O.C. immediately.
  9. Once the employee has successfully completed all recommendations, the EAP will provide written correspondence to employer P.O.C., of their completion. 

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