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Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees 2014
Michael A. Conner
Marsha Croxton
Thomas R. Dietz 
John S. Dubis
Christopher L. Fister
George S. Hall, M.D.
Michael Jones, M.D.
LaRoy Kendall, M.D.
Fred A. Macke, Jr.
Gary W. Moore
Heidi C. Murley, M.D.
Roger Peterman
E. Ted Robinson
James Roebker M.D.
Jo Ann Simpson
Richard H. Tapke, Jr.
James Votruba
Joan Wurtenberger

Corporate Officers
John S. Dubis, President
Garren Colvin, Vice President 
Lori Ritchey-Baldwin, Treasurer
Barbara L. Krohman, Secretary

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