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Supporting Your Choice for a Healthy Lifestyle
The St. Elizabeth Weight Management Center offers a variety of non-surgical, weight-loss programs, such as New Direction, which is individually designed just for you. Whether you want to lose only a modest amount of weight or you desire more extensive weight-loss, we can assist you in finding the program that best meets your personal needs.

New Direction
A Medically-Supervised, Liquid Protein Diet Program
Would you like to lose 25 pounds or more? Are you tired of counting calories and special meal plans? If yes, then New Direction may be the program for you! New Direction is a proven weight-loss program that is medically-supervised to help you lose weight quickly, yet safely. Many fad diets and products out there may take the weight off, but don’t necessarily help you keep it off. The New Direction Program is designed to help you change the habits that created the problem in the first place.

You can lose three to five pounds per week with this program. There are no calories to count or special meals to prepare. The program incorporates delicious and nutritious protein shakes and soups that help you lose the weight quickly and safely. You can join the fun at our educational group sessions as well. You’ll also receive individual counseling from our dedicated New Direction team of medical professionals. They can help you learn to:

  • Exercise safely
  • Control cravings
  • Eat sensibly
  • Shop smart

Participants will receive individualized exercise instruction and dietary counseling at no additional charge. Weekly maintenance meetings help members stay on track for a lifetime of health and success.

Frequently Asked Questions about the New Direction Program

Q: What is required to begin program?
A: All patients must have a physical with the New Direction physician, as well as an EKG and specific lab tests.

Q: Can I have my physical with my family physician?
A: No, the physician overseeing the program must perform the physical and will monitor you throughout the program.

Q: What makes New Direction different from other liquid diets?
A: The New Direction Program is designed to provide all recommended daily vitamin and nutrient needs while you are monitored by medical professionals. It also incorporates behavioral modification, nutritional counseling and exercise to provide you added tools to change your lifestyle.

Q: What is the cost to me?
A: After completing the history and physical, EKG and lab work; the weekly out-of-pocket cost will include your supplements and clinic visit. 

Q: Will my insurance cover this program?
Your insurance may cover the initial physical and tests. The program requires periodic monitoring of certain labs throughout the program and this may or may not be covered by your insurance. A healthcare flexible spending account (HSA/FSA) may cover your weekly clinic visits. If it does not, these are out-of-pocket fees paid by the patient, along with the weekly supplement costs.  

For more information about New Direction, please call (859) 212-GOAL (4625).

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