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I started with St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine for my physical therapy after a knee replacement on the recommendation of a friend. Everyone there is very friendly and helpful, from the ladies at the front desk, to the therapists and the volunteers. One of the reasons I like St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine is they work with you, not just your condition. The therapists are knowledgeable of what you should be able to do by the end of your therapy and they guide you, not force you, in a direction that gives you a sense of accomplishment. I believe they enjoy seeing you reach your goals.

The therapists treat everyone with respect, from the athletes with their sports injuries, to the people who are there for rehabilitation after a surgery or an injury.

I do wish the name was “St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center” so more people would understand they are not only for sports medicine.
     ~ Rick H., Patient at St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine

I want to thank Bill and St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine for giving me my life back. I had forgotten all the things that I couldn’t do and can now do again. I am able to take my dog for walks, dance in a zumba class and even leg pressed 130 lbs today. I truly appreciate all that you did to help me and I am singing your praises daily when other people notice my activity level and compliment me. Thanks for everything and God Bless!
    ~ Christine H., Patient at Edgewood Physical Therapy

St Elizabeth Sports Medicine has become part of the Holy Cross Family. They have been there since the beginning of our program in 1998 and have seen our players through some very difficult growing 'pains'. Their pre-injury prevention program and post-injury care are second to none. Their specialists are available around the clock and give our athletes the very best care with the utmost respect for their privacy and their future health.
    ~ Bruce Kozerski, Holy Cross Head Football Coach

The service that Theresa Behan, Dr. Miller and the staff at St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine provide our student-athletes is first class. They understand safety is first but also that these student-athletes need to get back into the competition. We compete at a high level and it takes a great deal of commitment to keep our teams winning conference championships.
    ~ Terry Connor, Thomas More College Director of Athletics

Dr. Miller and his staff were exceptional and very thorough in both my diagnosis and my treatment. Not only were they professional in their treatment but I had a good experience. I would recommend them highly.
    ~ Phyllis, Patient of Dr. Miller & Edgewood Physical Therapy

I have been a patient at St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine since 1997 and have worked primarily with Kathy Boehmer, PT, ATC and Scott Helton, ATC. I have always been pleased with the services received. They do not pamper you but rather make you work up to your potential. The staff there is like a big family and I feel part of that family.
    ~ Gayle, Edgewood Physical Therapy Patient 

I have worked with Brenda Gambale, ATC of St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine for many years. She is a wonderful athletic trainer and will see students from any school for any sport. As a coach for Simon Kenton, I have been amazed at the support Brenda gives to all athletes. We as coaches are truly blessed to have her around.
    ~ Amy Hahnel, Asst. Swim Coach at Simon Kenton HS & Dixie Heights HS

It was a pleasure to have the staff at St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine work with me and help me with my knee problem. The equipment at this facility is fabulous and the staff could not have been more professional or nicer. I would recommend St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine to anyone.
    ~ Charles, Patient at Southgate Physical Therapy

Dawna Panko and the staff at St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine provide outstanding athletic training and physical therapy services to our athletes. They have an attentive and accommodating style that is second to none and are readily available for questions or appointments. The presence of a St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine athletic trainer is not only a valuable asset to our athletic program but also to the many opposing teams who have received their excellent care. Thank you, Dawna and St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine for your outstanding service, care and commitment to our athletes!
    ~ Sara Raaker, Notre Dame Girls Soccer Coach

From my son’s very first visit to St. Elizabeth’s Sports Medicine office for physical therapy, to the day he was released, we were both impressed and relieved. The facilities were top-notch and the therapists were very caring and knowledgeable, providing my son with individualized therapy. He quickly developed a trust that I believe led to the motivation and dedication required to rehab at such an exceptional rate.  He met or exceeded all of the established individual goals. We couldn’t have been happier with the quality of the facilities and the friendly and skilled staff. They helped him achieve his goals in a timely manner. Without reservation, we would recommend St. Elizabeth’s to our friends in need of rehabilitation.
    ~ Dan, Parent of Southgate Physical Therapy Patient

My family and I are extremely satisfied with our experiences at St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine. Dr. Miller has assisted both my brother and I in many ways over the past year. My brother suffered a concussion during a soccer game this fall and my mom was extremely pleased with the care and treatment he received from our athletic trainer, Erica Lanham, ATC and Dr. Miller. When I injured my knee at soccer practice late fall, I didn't hesitate to call Dr. Miller. He was able to help me tremendously with my knee. He took X-rays right in his office and was able to explain everything to me in a way that I could understand. I was able to start treatment immediately at the St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine Clinic and was back on the field in no time. Dr. Miller and Erica have helped my brother and I by letting us get back to what we love to do in a timely and efficient manner. Thank you St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine Team!
    ~ Courtney, Dr. Miller Patient / Grant County High School Athlete

I have been a patient at St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine Physical Therapy for years now. They are the most caring and kind people that you ever want to meet. I have had my setbacks but they have been right there for me. My knee is doing a lot better and I would recommend them to anyone.
    ~ Flora, Southgate Physical Therapy Patient

As a student-athlete at Conner High School, I have encountered numerous injuries. Without the help of our athletic trainer, Alicia Wight, ATC and St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine I would never have been able to recover as quickly as I did. I did rehabilitation there for a hamstring reattachment. After six months of rehab, I have gotten to know the staff and the facilities very well. I currently am interning at St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine and enjoy working with the staff.
    ~ Logan, Edgewood Patient / Conner High School Athlete

I truly would like to give my sincere appreciation to Tracy Coffman ATC, Dr. Miller, and the staff at St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am for the care they bestowed upon my son with each and every injury. We had the need to utilize St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine often over the last 4 years and I am pleased at how professional and friendly the administrative staff in the office and in the billing department were. They were always helpful, kind and willing to work with our schedules. St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine is truly a great organization.
    ~ Gretchen, Parent of Highlands Athlete / Patient of Dr. Miller

I am a long distance runner and due to running related injuries I have been a patient at St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine on more than one occasion. The staff there is very attuned to an athlete's need to rehab quickly so they can return to their sport. The great advantage of St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine is that Dr. Miller and physical therapy services are in the same facility, working closely together to coordinate your care. I highly recommend this program to anyone with a sports related injury.
    ~ Paula, Edgewood Physical Therapy Patient

Bishop Brossart is very lucky to have Chris Unkraut, ATC and St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine on their team. My daughter and I are very grateful for all that Chris and the staff at St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine have done for us and the countless hours that they put into our program. Their time, talent and dedication allow the athletes at Bishop Brossart to have a memorable and safe high school experience.
    ~ Kelly and Madison, Parent and Athlete at Bishop Brossart High School

I am a parent of a sophomore at Scott High School and an eighth grader at Woodland Middle School. When I am up in the stands and look down and see Brenda, I feel a great relief. I know she is confident in her job and I am sure that she would never let my child (or any other) be removed from the court unless safe. She always puts the safety of the children first no matter how popular her decision is with the coaches. Brenda Gambale, ATC is always kind and polite. She treats the children and their parents with respect and understanding. Her caring attitude towards them is obvious. I feel she is a credit to the staff at St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine and a blessing to us.
    ~ Rose, Parent of Scott High School Athlete

I would like to say a few words about Alicia Wight, ATC of St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine. She came to Connor High School in 2010 with big shoes to fill. She is a very caring and thorough person. She really seems to care for all of the kids and really takes her job seriously. The student-athletes have really taken to her. She is a GREAT trainer and we are very lucky to have her and St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine here.
    ~ Cindy, Parent of a Conner High School Athlete

One of the best things about the St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine department is that athletes receive immediate attention and quality care at sporting events and daily practices. When my son broke his nose during a basketball game, our athletic trainer, Tracy Coffman, ATC, was there to evaluate the injury and provide care. She was even able to consult with sports medicine physician Dr. Mike Miller by phone at 9:30 on a Saturday night. Also, when my son had a back injury Dr. Mike Miller spent time with us explaining clearly what his injury entailed. He mapped out a plan for achieving optimum healing with the hope of returning as a healthy player to the basketball court. Because of the time Dr. Miller spent sharing information with us my son was a compliant patient and consequently experienced a speedy recovery. Tracy was available to consult with his coaches and help him with a gradual return to playing ball again.
    ~ Linda, Parent of a Dr. Miller Patient / Highlands Athlete

Throughout my athletic career, I have been under the care of many athletic trainers, but none even compare to Theresa Behan, ATC at Thomas More College. Theresa always has a positive attitude when working with athletes, she connects well with each person on a personal level, and she genuinely cares about everyone who is under her care. Her knowledge of athletic training and all of the ins and outs associated with it, help to keep athletes on the field and out of the training room.

My physical therapist, Bill Blackburn, has done an excellent job of helping me recover from multiple surgeries over the past few years. Bill is always positive throughout the recovery process, and he really connects well with each person that he assists. He developed detailed and position-specific rehab routines that aided in a speedy recovery and a permanent fix to all of my problems. Bill cares for each and every one of his patients and has a sincere interest in helping them get back to one hundred percent, and back on the field.

Without the help of the St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine Staff, I wouldn’t have been able to finish my football career, let alone function properly in the real world. I cannot thank them enough for all of their help and support.
    ~ Justin, Thomas More College Athlete 

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