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Medical MotionTM uses high speed digital video cameras to capture detailed sports movements.  The performance is analyzed frame by frame using state-of-the-art computer software. Abnormal biomechanical movements are detected and measured. Once the movements have been recorded and analyzed, experienced clinicians sit down with the patient and formulate a plan to alter poor movements using exercises and drills. By following the plan, patients can expect improved performance as well as a reduced risk of injury.

Medical MotionTM can be used to analyze motions in any sport including, but not limited to, cross country (running form), baseball (pitching and hitting), golf (swinging) and basketball (shooting and rebounding). Motion analysis can be performed at any of our three St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine clinics or arrangements can be made to perform on site at your school or facility.

To learn about pricing, or to schedule you Medical MotionTM session, please call (859)301-5600.

Please click here to visit the offical Medical MotionTM website.

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