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On the Run with Stacey (The 2015 Flying Pig Marathon)
Don’t let age or injury stop you, with the proper training and therapy you can do anything. On the Run with Stacey's Stacey McConnell is the perfect example! What 50 year old recovering from knee surgery is able to run the Boston Marathon then just two weeks later run as a pacer for the Flying Pig? Watch this firsthand account of Stacey's Flying Pig experience.

If you're a runner and you'd like to talk to or work with a physical therapist who doesn't just talk the talk, but also walks the walk (or, in this case, he runs -- 26.2 miles to be exact), call St. Elizabeth Edgewood Sports Medicine at (859) 301-5600 to schedule your appointment.

To see a list of all On the Run with Stacey episodes, click here.


Providing a variety of services for active individuals and athletes, St. Elizabeth Healthcare Sports Medicine combines the expertise of Dr. Michael J. Miller, Sports Medicine Specialist, with outstanding physical therapy and athletic training services. With locations in Edgewood, Florence and Southgate, we are available to serve all your sports medicine needs. For more information, please contact our main office in Edgewood at (859) 301-5600.

We provide the following services:

  • Medical evaluation by our staff physicians Dr. Michael Miller or Dr. Tyler Browning (available at Florence and Edgewood offices only)
  • Sports Concussion program featuring ImPACTTM testing
  • On-site X-ray facilities, operated by our registered radiological technicians (available at Florence and Edgewood offices only)
  • Physical therapy services provided by experienced therapists and athletic trainers who deliver individualized attention to every patient we serve. We offer physical therapy services for a variety of orthopaedic and sports injuries to the foot/heel, ankle, knee, back and neck, elbow and shoulder as well as. We also offer post-surgical physical therapy.
  • A full line of Orthopaedic Bracing to assist you as you recover.


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