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PrimeWise Membership and Benefits
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Take Advantage of the Many PrimeWise Services

In 2015, PrimeWise added more than 1,500 new members. Our total membership is over 33,000. The word is spreading and people over the age of 50 throughout the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati region are signing up for this FREE program that offers several wonderful benefits, including:

  • Claims Specialists that are available by appointment to assist members with questions about Medicare, supplemental insurance, Medicare Advantage plans, prescription drug coverage, private medical insurance and doctor or hospital bills. Medicare workshops are presented quarterly.
  • Multiple education programs and health screenings that are offered monthly.
  • A Discount Directory that provides discounts through out the community.
  • FREE Notary services
  • Travel Club
  • FREE low-impact exercise classes
  • Caregiver Support Group, for those who are providing the care giving for an older adult.
  • A knowledgeable and caring staff, available to assist with concerns and provide referrals to services both in the community and to St Elizabeth Healthcare.

No Cost, High Reward
For more information on how to become a PrimeWise member, please contact us at (859)301-5999 or download an application. Remember, PrimeWise is not an insurance or HMO, but a free service offered to Northern Kentucky residents ages 50 and older.

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