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Patient Services

Whether it’s a birth or knee surgery, everyone comes to a hospital to receive the best care possible for their personal situation. At St. Elizabeth Healthcare, we understand your needs and are here for your comfort, your convenience, and importantly, your health.

Our Mission:
As a Catholic healthcare ministry, we provide comprehensive and compassionate care that improves the health of the people we serve.

During Your Stay:

We offer daily, pre-selected menus that are planned with your nutritional needs in mind as well as ensuring that they taste delicious too. You may view the menus on TV Channels 29 at Edgewood or call our Nutrition Services department at (859) 301-2185.

Introducing the Culinary Creations Room Service Program
Nutrition Services is dedicated to providing exceptional service while you are in our care. We are proud to present our Culinary Creations Room Service Program. Fresh cuisine, made to order for you!

Our menus are designed to provide you with a wide variety of foods to choose from and the opportunity to order what you would like from 6:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., daily.

The Culinary Creations Room Service Program is currently available at St. Elizabeth Grant, Ft. Thomas, Florence and Edgewood. 

There is no extra charge for patients ordering from Culinary Creations.

Telephone Services

Telephones are available in all patient rooms, except for those in our Behavioral Health Unit. You can make an outgoing call at any time around the clock but incoming calls can only be received between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. These hours are set to help make sure that our nights and mornings are quite so everyone can sleep peacefully.

Television sets are provided in each patient room. Patients in semi-private rooms share a television.

Free Wireless Internet Available at St. Elizabeth Edgewood
We now offer free wireless internet access throughout St. Elizabeth Edgewood so that patients, families, physicians and staff can connect to the internet anytime while you are with us. Computers are not provided by the hospital, but patients or guests who bring their own laptop computer or handheld device can connect to the internet free of charge. This is just another way for us to make your stay with us that much easier.

Patient Safety
The safety of you, your family and friends as well as our own employees is very important to us. We want you to feel safe and secure while you are with us, that is why all of our staff have been trained in the latest safety and fire prevention programs.

Fresh Flowers and Your Mail
Our volunteers are an amazing and dedicated team here at St. Elizabeth. One of the many services that they provide include the delivery of any floral arrangements and mail that may be sent to you during your stay with us. When you are discharged, your mail will be forwarded to your home address and floral arrangements will no longer be accepted. If you need assistance, any of our volunteers will be happy to help you read any cards or letters you may receive. In addition, our volunteers will take any of your outgoing mail and make certain it is mailed. In case you feel like taking a walk, USPS mailboxes are available in the main lobbies.

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