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Ultrasound FAQs

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Why do I have to fast from eating, drinking and even smoking and chewing gum before my ultrasound?
Eating, drinking, smoking and chewing gum before an abdominal ultrasound creates gas in the intestinal system which obscures the sonographer’s ability to view the abdominal organs.

Why do I have to have a low fat meal the night before my ultrasound?
When you are scheduled for an ultrasound of the gallbladder and you eat or drink anything containing fat, the gallbladder squeezes. This may make it difficult to obtain high quality images and diagnose abnormalities.

Why do I have to drink water and hold my bladder for some exams?
When performing a renal (kidney) ultrasound, our protocol includes images of the urinary bladder. We cannot visualize the urinary bladder when it is empty. Therefore we have you hold your bladder one hour prior to the exam.

When performing a pelvic ultrasound, we use the bladder as a window to better visualize the uterus and ovaries.

Can I take my daily medicine before an exam even if I am not supposed to eat or drink?
Yes. You can take your daily medicines with just a sip of water.

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