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ABC's Good Morning America advised the public to seek out "nurse magnet hospitals where the best nurses work, the morale is the highest, and the hospital has the most resources. You want to be where nurses want to be."

St. Elizabeth Covington, Edgewood and Grant County proudly announced designation as the first ANCC Magnet™ hospital in the Greater Cincinnati area. The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) shared the news on April 18, 2007.

The Magnet Recognition designation is one of the highest levels of recognition a hospital/medical center can achieve. St. Elizabeth is proud to be among fewer than 200 providers, or only three percent of all hospitals in the United States, to reach this ultimate designation – the highest honor awarded nursing services.

"Locate the nearest Magnet™. If you can easily check into a Magnet hospital, you’d be foolish not to."   - The Reader’s Digest

The Magnet Recognition Program ™ recognizes healthcare organizations that demonstrate excellence in nursing philosophy and practice, adherence to national standards for improving patient care, leadership and sensitivity to cultural and ethnic diversity.

The Magnet Recognition Program™ focuses on advancing three goals:

  • Promoting quality in a setting that supports professional practice
  • Identifying excellence in the delivery of nursing services to patients
  • Providing a mechanism for dissemination of "best practices" in nursing services.

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