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Diabetes Education

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Where Good Health Begins With Great Information
Knowledge. If you have diabetes, that’s the key to living well. Time and again, research has proven that those who have a good understanding of this complex disease, and its effects on their bodies, can thrive.

Diabetes Education at the St. Elizabeth Regional Diabetes Center is provided by Registered Nurses and Registered/Licensed Dietitians that are credentialed by the National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators.  All of the diabetes educators are dedicated to continue to advance in the science and technology of diabetes care and education.

The St. Elizabeth Regional Diabetes Center offers comprehensive diabetes education that provides knowledge and skills for successful diabetes self-care to improve the quality of life and prevent long term complications. Types of education can range from individual to group settings, the basics of diabetes to advanced concepts, and includes special considerations for learning and focusing on special needs. *Nutrition counseling for carbohydrate counting, meal planning, weight loss, and other medical needs is also available.

To learn more visit our online calendar for information about classes, support groups or counseling. We’re looking forward to working with you toward better health.

*Meet with the Diabetes Educator
Before participating in the group classes there is a one-on-one meeting with a diabetes educator.  Together with the educator an individualized education plan is developed based on medical history, diabetes knowledge, and barriers to learning. Resources will be provided for obtaining diabetes supplies and medications.

*Diabetes Group Classes A & B
Following the individual meeting with the diabetes educator, group classes may be scheduled. The Diabetes Education classes consist of two, three-hour sessions.  Topics covered are include: healthy eating, staying active, monitoring blood sugar and health status, medications, solving problems, and reducing risks for complications.  Each participant will also receive an individualized meal plan. The classes encourage changes in behavior for a healthier lifestyle.  New classes start every other week.  *Group class content can be provided individually if needed.

*Diabetes Group Class C – Follow-up
After completion of Class A & B a follow-up class is recommended for additional nutrition and diabetes management.  Class C is a two-hour Medical Nutrition Therapy group class taught by Registered Dietitians and includes behavior change goal review and advanced skills for diabetes self-management.

*Diabetes & Pregnancy Group Class
Learning to control diabetes during pregnancy can be challenging.  Our diabetes educators provide comprehensive individualized instruction for blood sugar control with or without medication, meal planning with carbohydrate counting, and blood sugar testing.  Education is provided for Gestational Diabetes and pre-existing Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes. This class can also be provided individually.

Insulin Administration
Whether you are new to insulin or have been taking insulin for many years, basic and advanced techniques for insulin dosing and administration according to your doctor’s orders are included when meeting with the diabetes educator.   Instruction is also provided for other non-insulin injected diabetes medications.

Insulin Pump Program
The St. Elizabeth Regional Diabetes Center offers a comprehensive insulin pump program that has proven to be successful and safe.  This program requires participation in two group classes and three individual classes.  You must be a patient of the Regional Diabetes Center to receive this service and education.

Sensoring – Continuous Glucose Monitoring
Continuous glucose monitoring is a new tool for people with diabetes that can provide improved control of blood sugar levels, early warnings for blood sugar fluctuations, and also provides data to the doctor to make changes in insulin rates and doses.  This can be done as a 72-hour test or can be personally owned and worn continuously. You must be a patient of the Regional Diabetes Center to receive this service and education.

Diabetes Self-Management Support Group Meetings
This free information and support group is open to those individuals with diabetes and their friends and families.  St. Elizabeth Diabetes Educators are present to answer any questions you may have. The group meets on the third Thursday of every other month from 7-8 p.m. Call (859) 655-8910 for dates and topics.


*A referral from a healthcare provider is required.

St. Elizabeth Physicians Regional Diabetes Center
Comprehensive Endocrine & Diabetes Care
1500 James Simpson, Jr. Way, Suite 301
Covington, KY 41011
Phone: (859)655-8910, Fax: (859)655-8911

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