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Do you need our St. Elizabeth Wellness Solutions team of professionals to help you host a health fair, assist your employees with smoking cessation, or provide health screenings? Our team can help you with these and much more. Please click on any of the following information sheets to learn more!

Health Risk Assessment

St. Elizabeth Healthcare offers one of the most comprehensive Health Risk Assessment’s (HRA) on the market today. This thorough and scientifically-based tool will not only motivate your employees to make improvements in their health and lifestyle but will also provide you, the employer, with detailed aggregate reports that will help you see how to lower your organization’s healthcare costs.

The employee’s individual report will include:

  • Overall wellness score
  • Health age (versus chronological age)
  • Risk ratings for major health factors
  • Recommendations for health and lifestyle improvement
  • Web links to additional information
  • Next steps, which gives tips on how to make lifestyle changes

Click here to view a sample individual report.
Click here to view a sample HRA questionnaire.

The employer's aggregate report will include:

  • Executive Summary Report – Provides an aggregate report detailing overall wellness ratings, scores and priority health recommendations on an organizational level.
    Click here to view a sample report. 
  • Productivity and Economic Benefits Report – Estimates a company’s potential cost savings in the areas of excess healthcare claims, absenteeism and productivity losses. 
    Click here to view a sample report. 
  • Group Report – Provides blinded graphical representation for nearly every risk factor, allowing you to easily view the overall health of your population. 
    Click here to view a sample report. 
  • Trend Report – Shows individual improvements in health, providing a detailed picture of the impact of your wellness efforts from one health assessment period to the next. 
    Click here to view a sample report.

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