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News Room: Local Residents Show Up to Support Historic Cancer Research Study

To download a pdf of this news release, please click here.

FORT MITCHELL, KY – More than 500 people throughout the region are now part of a historic study into what causes – and what could possibly prevent – cancer.

The American Cancer Society and St. Elizabeth Health Care announced that 550 individuals enrolled during April 17-19 for the Cancer Prevention Study-3 (CPS-3). The 20-30 year study, which is open to individuals between the ages of 30-65 who have not been diagnosed with cancer, will look at genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors that may cause or prevent cancer.

The previous Cancer Prevention Studies by the American Cancer Society resulted in discovering the link between smoking and lung cancer and certain lifestyle factors associated with increased cancer risks.

Participants enrolled in CPS-3 at St. Elizabeth locations in Ft. Thomas, Florence and Edgewood. To enroll in the study, individuals were asked to read and sign an informed consent form; complete a comprehensive survey packet that asks for information on lifestyle, behavioral, and other factors related to his/her health; had a waist circumference measured; and gave a small blood sample.

The Society will now send periodic follow-up surveys to update enrollee information and annual newsletters with study updates and results. Periodic follow-up surveys of various lengths are expected to be sent every few years to enrollees.

The voluntary, long-term commitment by participants is what will produce benefits for decades to come.

For more information about CPS-3, visit

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