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Mayo Clinic Care Network

Extraordinary Care.
Unmatched Expertise.

For over 150 years, we’ve been dedicated to improving the health of our community. Because of this commitment to quality and service, St. Elizabeth Healthcare was selected to be a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network. We are proud to be the first healthcare system in Kentucky, Ohio or Indiana to have passed Mayo Clinic's rigorous review process. Our talented doctors have direct access to the Mayo's world-renowned expertise. Now some of the world’s most dedicated doctors work together for you. That means you always get extraordinary care for your day-to-day life.

St. Elizabeth Healthcare is proud to collaborate with Mayo Clinic by becoming a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network. This network puts the power of Mayo Clinic in the hands of our physicians, providing access to proven protocols, eConsults and unparalleled experience. It also helps support our mission to make sure our patients get the best care available—anywhere.

What this means for St. Elizabeth
The mission of St. Elizabeth Healthcare is to provide comprehensive and compassionate care that improves the health of the people we serve. Our membership in the Mayo Clinic Care Network gives St. Elizabeth Healthcare providers access to tools such as the following: 
  • “AskMayoExpert” - a state-of-the-art electronic tool that provides access to Mayo Clinic’s knowledge in disease management, clinical care guidelines, treatment recommendations and reference materials for a variety of medical conditions
  • “eConsults” - a service that connects physicians at St. Elizabeth Healthcare with Mayo Clinic experts when seeking additional input regarding a patient’s care. Mayo eConsults are available through a St. Elizabeth physician by calling 1-800-737-7900.

St. Elizabeth Healthcare remains locally owned and operated. This is a not an acquisition or a merger, but rather a collaboration that is aimed to provide better care to our patients.

What this means for St. Elizabeth Healthcare patients
Your care, your choice

There is no obligation for you to have your doctor consult with Mayo Clinic, and your doctor will seek your permission before consulting with a Mayo physician on your condition and treatment options. Our primary goal is to offer our patients the medical expertise of Mayo Clinic physicians while keeping their care close to home.

Rest assured that if your physician chooses to use either “AskMayoExpert” or “eConsults” there will be no additional cost to you.

Your security
Both St. Elizabeth Healthcare and Mayo Clinic take patient security and confidentiality very seriously. Any information that St. Elizabeth Healthcare shares with Mayo Clinic will be sent through a secure connection. We can assure you that your medical records will remain secure, safe and confidential.

Additional Benefits
More medical answers close to home
Not only will you have access to the physician experts at St. Elizabeth, but your physician can consult with a Mayo Clinic specialist regarding your care. St. Elizabeth and Mayo physicians will collaborate on the most complex cases using an electronic connection called an eConsult. This will allow you to get diagnosis and treatment options quickly and without the need to travel to Mayo.

Care Coordination
St. Elizabeth Healthcare and Mayo Clinic’s close working relationship ensures a seamless and organized visit to Mayo if necessary. St. Elizabeth physicians will collaborate with Mayo Clinic physicians on your behalf before, during and after your visit. For those who have visited Mayo independently, St. Elizabeth can provide coordinated and ongoing treatment, close to home.

Our goal is to give you peace of mind
You will experience comfort knowing that two expert physician teams are doing everything possible to provide you with the best care and outcomes.

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