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Heart Failure Program

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Are You Joining Our Heart Failure Program?
If you’re joining St. Elizabeth’s Cardiac Heart Failure program, first let us offer our congratulations. You’re taking a huge step toward living a longer, healthier life. That’s because you’re joining a team of experts who will help you proactively manage your disease. The result is simply that you’ll feel better faster and enjoy a much healthier life. 

How the Program Works
For your initial visit, dress in comfortable shoes and clothes, since you’ll take a brief walking test. Also on this first visit, remember to bring a list of all the medications you are currently taking, including vitamins and other supplements, along with their dosages. We’ll need that critical information as we work together.
As a member of this program, you’ll come for regular visits to the Heart Failure department located in the Cardiology area St. Elizabeth Edgewood. At each visit, you’ll meet with a healthcare professional who’ll conduct a brief physical exam and talk over any concerns or new symptoms you’re experiencing. We’ll also work with your family members during visits to provide them with information about your symptoms, medications, diet and activity levels. And between visits, you are welcome to call one of the professionals with the program with any questions or concerns.

Depending on your needs and symptoms, adjustments may be made to your medications and the frequency of your visits to fit your particular situation. Your needs may also demand the assistance of other healthcare experts. That’s why we make a dietician, pharmacist and social worker available at all of your visits, if you choose to speak with them about any concerns. After each meeting, we’ll fully inform both your referring doctor and primary care doctor of your progress.

At St. Elizabeth Healthcare, we’ve found it takes a team effort to really live fully with heart failure. That’s why our Heart Failure program brings so many people into the picture. Our team of heart failure experts wants to work closely with you, your family and your doctors to help you feel better fast. It’s all part of our strongly held belief that at St. Elizabeth, we really are much better together. 

St. Elizabeth Heart Failure Program: (859) 301-0124

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