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Patient Success Stories (Arrhythmia)
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At St. Elizabeth Healthcare, we believe in the quality of our care and the expertise of our medical staff. But you don't have to take our word for it.

To learn more about specific patient experiences, we invite you to click on the links below.

“It’s your heart.” But we can fix it.

Shortness of breath. Profuse sweating with exercise. Painfully swollen feet and hands. Rapid heartbeats, skipped heartbeats. What if you had all these symptoms but thought they were normal for you?

That’s exactly what happened to Kendall High. But one day severe pain in her calf sent her to an ER, fearing a blood clot. That’s when she heard three words she never expected: “It’s your heart.”
“I had no idea!” exclaimed the active 44-year-old mother of two. “I exercised three days a week. I thought I was healthy. I honestly didn’t know it was my heart. I was tired a lot. I thought it was my thyroid.” Read more...

New wireless pacemaker means “I do everything now”

Marlene Patrick thought her heart problems were insurmountable. “I had terrible tiredness. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t even eat,” she says. Her heart rate dropped to 38 beats per minute. A normal heart rate is between 60 and 100 beats per minute. “About a year ago, my doctor told me I wasn’t a candidate for a pacemaker because I probably wouldn’t make it through the surgery.” Read more...

Afib patient benefits from new technology

Gene Goldsworth noticed he was running out of breath each time he climbed the three flights of stairs to his apartment. “I was gassed,” he explained. Gene was diagnosed with an irregular heart rhythm known as atrial fibrillation, which was preventing his heart from effectively circulating blood through his body. But after a minimally invasive procedure using a new technology, he was feeling well enough to return to the gym just six weeks later. Read more...

Heading into her 80s without arrhythmia slowing her down

At age 79, Norma Benson was living an active life. But sudden, severe dizzy spells attacked out of nowhere and stopped her in her tracks. One day she experienced five of them in just 30 minutes, and she knew something was really wrong.
“That got my attention. I called my cardiologist, Dr. (Daniel) Courtade, and was seen in the office the next day. They made me an appointment the following week with Dr. (Thomas) Carrigan, an electrophysiologist. I had never even heard of such a doctor!” Read more...

For more information about St. Elizabeth Heart & Vascular Institute Arrhythmia Center, click here.

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