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How a nurse’s nudge saved Jeff Steele’s life.

Jeff and FianceeJeff Steele’s fiancée is a nurse, so it was her gentle prodding that got him in for calcium scoring and CT angiography at St. Elizabeth Healthcare. He felt fine and didn’t expect anything to come of it. Besides, he’d had an angiogram a year prior and everything checked out okay.

But, when the results came back from the tests at St. Elizabeth, he soon found out how much things can change in just a year.

“I did it on Friday and they called me on Friday night or Saturday morning and said, ‘Don’t do anything strenuous,’ ” Jeff says. “I guess my calcium scoring was close to the worst you could have. So they said to get in to see my doctor as soon as possible.”

Soon, Jeff was under the care of St. Elizabeth Healthcare vascular specialists who quickly discovered that he was in need of fairly immediate and serious surgery to bypass blockages that were threatening his heart and life.

Jeff, fiance and nurse“They said, ‘You have to go in for surgery’ ... and it ended up being a five-way bypass,” he said.

“My blockage was bad so they couldn’t do stents or balloons (to open my clogged arteries). They had to do a bypass.”

“I had what they call a widow-maker. I’m lucky nothing did occur until I got my surgery. Afterward, my fiancée said that test saved my life.”

“I told him that this is the best deal going, so ... they came up and had theirs done and everything turned out okay. ... Today, I feel good. It worked out really well.”

Today, Jeff is a huge advocate of calcium scoring and CT angiography at
St. Elizabeth. In fact, after he told a colleague in Louisville about the potentially
lifesaving tests, the man and his son drove all the way up to St. Elizabeth
Healthcare for the same series of simple cardiovascular assessments.

* The St. Elizabeth Vascular Institute helps improve vascular care in our community by bringing together a multi-disciplinary team of vascular specialists. Our highly trained team of vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists and vascular medicine physicians are dedicated to working together to evaluate and determine the best treatment options available for our patients.

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